Shea A.J. Comfort, Consultant-Winemaker
Working With You To Improve Your Wines and Spirits!

Some Photos...

Lallemand Trials!

Olin Wines first year, 2008!

In the cellar (Tokaj, Hungary!)

Joining Dominique Delteil (of ICV fame!) in Paso Robles
       Joining Dominique Delteil (of ICV fame!) in Paso Robles
Some useful links...
 Scott Laboratories offers a complete catalogue 
 of winemaking supplies, along with a complete
 list of filtration, processing, and packageing

 Lallemand has been producing œnological 
 yeast, bacteria, enzymes, and fermentation
 aids for the past thirty years and is great
 source of information.

 Vinquiry is a fully accredited lab supplying
 analytical services for winemakers, along with  
 a comprehensive offering of winemaking 
 supplies and information.

 MoreWine! is a complete winemaking products 
 supplier serving non-professional winemakers
 of any level, from the complete novice to the
 most advanced vintner.

 MoreWine!Pro is MoreWine's section of the
 business that is focused specifically on the
small winery.
 AWRI (Australian Wine Research Institute) is a
 good source of innovative, new-world
 winemaking information.

 ICV (Wine Cooperative Institute) is a French
 winemaking research facility that does
 extensive studies of winemaking techniques,
 along with discovering and islolating selected
 œnological yeast and bacteria strains.